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Caseysschoolwear have been a family run business for over 30 years 

Our staff are fully trained and are able to advise and you about sizes and styles to suit your child.

Children with autism can find shopping difficult and you can call us to arrange a time slot and we will close the shop so you can have a quiet time for your child to try on uniform.

You can prepare for a shopping trip by:

Showing the person photos of the our shop before you come

Adding a symbol to their daily timetable


Sharing with them a book about shopping

Sharing that its school uniform and this is what they will be wearing at their new school Using a social story about a specific issue (eg about why it’s ok to try on different clothes in the changing rooms at a shop but not anywhere else, or that it’s not ok to eat the food before buying it), or about shopping in general.

Please call us before you come if you need anymore assistance 


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